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North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
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Administrative Rules Update

The Board’s Administrative Rules became effective April 1, 2018 and will now be enforced by the Board.

The ND Administrative Code is promulgated by the Board with subsequent approval by the Attorney General’s Office and the Administrative Rules Committee of the legislature. Once enacted, administrative code has the full force and effect of ND law. http://www.legis.nd.gov/cencode/t43c62.pdf?20151008105050

How is Administrative Code different than the Law? Administrative Code further clarifies and defines the laws. The Board cannot provide legal advice. However, the administrative code and laws are straightforward, leaving little room for interpretation.

2017 Legislative Session

The 2017 session passed Senate Bill 2327 proposed by the ND Health Department. This allows for the transition of Limited X-ray Operators (LXMOs) and Bone Densitometry Technicians from the Health Department to the ND Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board. However, this move is not immediate and will occur sometime in mid to late 2018. The Board’s Administrative Rules contains language but the bill gives a future timeline for implementation. Until further notice, anyone interested in becoming a LXMO or operating bone densitometry equipment should contact the ND Department of Health. (link to NDDH website, http://www.ndhealth.gov/AQ/RAD/xraytraining.htm.

Licensure Process

All persons practicing medical imaging and radiation therapy in North Dakota must be licensed. New graduates may obtain either a temporary license or a conditional license until they pass a registry examination and receive the test scores. All applicants will need to complete the appropriate application and pay the correct fee. When mailing the application, please make sure there is enough postage on the envelope to avoid delays in the licensure process. If the applicant is not a new graduate and/or have been licensed in another state, the Application for Initial License or Conditional License should be completed.
If you are a traveler, you should complete Application for Initial Licensure or Conditional License and send the $175 fee payable to NDMIRTB.

Criminal History Record Checks Request: The Board requires a Criminal History Record Checks Request on all NEW applicants in accordance with NDCC 12-60-24(2pp) prior to licensure. Once an application is received, the applicant will be mailed a Criminal History Record Checks packet containing forms and fingerprint cards. Once the forms are completed, the applicant will need to return the completed forms to the Board office with a check or money order for $40.00 payable to the ND Attorney General. Once the completed forms, cards, and proper check are received from the applicant, it will take 2-3 weeks to receive the results from the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). The background checks are done through the FBI. The Board cannot “speed up” the process with BCI or FBI. The Board also cannot accept a copy of a previously completed background check from the applicant, employer, or employment agency in lieu of the Board’s own background check. The Board will not issue a license until the results of the Criminal History Record Checks Request are received.

Endorsement Applicants (Travelers): Effective May 1, 2018 and in accordance with the ND Administrative Rules (effective April 1, 2018), all those currently licensed in other state(s) must submit verification of licensure in other state(s) and an official transcript of completion of a program. You will need to request all the state(s) you hold or have held a license to send a verification of your license in those state(s). If the state(s) have online verification, send the website address and directions to verify your license in writing or by email. The Board will not accept website addresses over the phone! You will also need to send an official transcript (no photocopies) of completing a program. Official transcript can be sent by you or the college.

Common Delays in Licensure: The most common delays are insufficient postage, incomplete forms, incorrect payment, or a past criminal history. These may result in further delays of the license being issued. The applicant should make sure all forms are complete and correct. Applicants should make sure to include a copy of the proper citizenship document and a copy of the current national registration card. Applicants will need to meet all requirements of the license they are applying for before the license can be issued. Contact the board office at info@ndmirtboard.com if there are any questions about the license process.

Verification List Update: A list of individuals approved and licensed is available by clicking here. If you are verifying someone who is not on the list, please contact the Board office, info@ndmirtboard.com or 701-425-0861, for a verification.

Reinstatement of License: All non-renewed licenses expired 12/31/2017. If you need to reinstate your license, you will need to contact the Board office to have a reinstatement form sent to you. You will need to submit the completed Reinstatement Form and the reinstatement fee of $200. Reinstatement of the license will require you to complete a background check BEFORE the license will be reinstated!
See the paragraph above about the Criminal History Record Checks Request for more information.

Employers/Travel Agencies/Verification Companies: The Board office is happy to verify licenses over the phone. However, if you need to have the verification in writing, please email the Board office info@ndmirtboard.com with the licensee’s first and last name and to what mailing address or email address you want the verification sent. The Board cannot guarantee the delivery or accuracy of names and email addresses that are taken over the phone.

Licensees: If you need to have a verification of the license sent in writing to another state or employer, please email the Board info@ndmirtboard.com with the your first and last name and to what mailing address or email address you want the verification sent. The Board cannot guarantee the delivery or accuracy of names and email addresses that are taken over the phone.


The North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board of Examiners was established by the Legislature in 2015 with the passage of SB 2236. Effective August 1, 2015, nine members were appointed to the board by the Governor to develop standards and adopt rules for the licensure of personnel performing medical imaging or radiation therapy procedures in ND.

Board Responsibilities

The Board has the responsibility to license and regulate personnel performing medical imaging procedures and radiation therapy treatments to protect the health & safety of the citizens of North Dakota. This responsibility includes setting minimum standards for licensure, establishing scopes of practice, enforcing disciplinary actions, and further developing standards and adopting rules for the improvement of the administration of medical imaging or radiation therapy procedures in North Dakota.

License Types

North Dakota Law 43-62 requires licensure for individuals practicing the following:

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Radiation Therapist
  • Radiographer
  • Radiologist Assistant
  • Sonographer
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist
  • Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (CIS)
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (CES)

Practitioners or other individuals practicing medical imaging or radiation therapy under the jurisdiction of another ND regulatory and licensing board or agency are not subject to licensing by this board.


Exemptions from licensing by this board include:

  1. A licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, surgeon, chiropractor, dentist or podiatrist, performing medical imaging or radiation therapy.
  2. A dental assistant or dental hygienist licensed under NDCC Chapter 43-20.
  3. A student enrolled in and attending a school or college of medicine, medical imaging or radiation therapy who performs medical imaging or radiation therapy procedures on humans while under the supervision of a licenses practitioner or radiographer, radiation therapist, nuclear medicine technologist, radiologist assistant, or sonographer holding a license in the medical imaging or radiation therapy modality which the student is enrolled or attending under this NDCC Chapter 43-62.
  4. An individual administering medical imaging or radiation procedures and who is employed by the United States government when performing duties associated with that employment.
  5. A nurse licensed under NDCC Chapter 43-12.1 who performs sonography on a focused imaging target to assess specific and limited information about a patient's immediate medical condition or to provide real-time visual guidance for another procedure.
  6. A limited x-ray machine operator who meets the requirements of rules adopted by the state department of health under section 23-20.1-04. Please note: LXMOs will be transitioning from the ND Department of Health to this Board in the near future.
  7. Medical imaging performed as a part of a post-mortem examination or on other nonliving remains.
  8. Medical imaging performed by emergency medical services personnel certified or licensed under section 23-27-04.3.